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Identifying molecular and biochemical alterations that cause Alzheimer's disease and other dementias

We seek to understand the processes that drive Alzheimer's disease (AD) with a focus on those that link aging to AD and other dementias, and to define the therapeutic potential of drug candidate molecules in AD.  

We use  advanced genetic manipulations in rodents, in vivo optical and MRI- and PET-based brain imaging, laser Doppler-based cerebral blood flow measures, primary cell culture systems and  biochemical, cellular and molecular biology approaches, together with whole tissue and single-cell -omic and behavioral tools.  

Our goal is to advance our understanding of age-associated neurological disease mechanisms and identify interventions to prevent or treat AD and other age-associated dementias.  

Tau in EC.tif

Brain vascular endothelial cell senescence in Alzheimer's disease

Regulation of metabolism by neuronal mTORC1

RxA tam-cre female smaller.jpg

Astrocyte senescence in Alzheimer's disease


Vascular tau in Alzheimer's and other tauopathies

mTOR-driven vascular dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease


Mailing Address

The Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies
University of Texas Health San Antonio
4939 Charles Katz Drive 
San Antonio TX 78229

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Phone: (210) 562-6002/5029/6143

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Lab picture Zoom flat 120220

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Angela Poster Japan

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lab pic March 2014 web site 3 copy.jpg

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Lab picture Zoom flat 120220