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Galvan Lab Awards and Distinguished Honors

July 2019 BRAIN/BRAIN PET in Yokohama, Japan 
Dr. Stacy Hussong was invited to speak at this years' event sponsored by the International Society for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. She presented her talk on "Prion-like propagation of soluble tau aggregates to brain microvascular endothelial cells promotes cellular senescence and blocks eNOS activation." Our students presented posters on various topics, including cellular senescence, proteomics, and neurovascular coupling in Alzheimer's disease. 
April 2019 Oklahoma Nathan Shock Geroscience Symposium 
Congratulations to our fourth year graduate student, Angela Olson, for receiving a highly competitive travel award and a poster presentation award at this years annual Oklahoma Geroscience Symposium organized by Dr. Arlan Richardson and Dr. Holly Van Remmen. The central thesis of the conference, inflammation in age-related diseases, was a perfect match with Angela's focus; senescence in Alzheimer's disease. This symposium was hosted by the Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. 
2019 American Aging Association
Annual Meeting
Congratulations to Angela Olson and Dr. Stacy Hussong for receiving a travel award to attend the American Aging Association Annual Meeting in beautiful San Fransisco, CA! The topic this year will be Translating
Aging Research and the Keynote speaker will be Dr. James Kirkland of the Mayo Clinic. 
Feb. 2019 South Texas
Alzheimer's Conference 
Mrs. Ann Biggs of the Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer's and Neurodegenerative Diseases awarded the top prizes for the poster blitz competition at the inaugural conference here in San Antonio, Texas. Out of an astounding 60 selected posters for the conference, our own Stephen Hernandez won first place, Dr. Candice Van Skike won second place, and Angela Olson received an honorable mention.
June 2018 American Aging Association Meeting 
The 47th Annual American Aging Association Meeting and Nathan Shock Summit took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Galvan Lab received two merit-based travel awards; Dr. Stacy Hussong received a Junior Faculty travel award and Angela Olson received a Graduate Student travel award. At the conference, Stephen Hernandez won Superior Poster Presentation by a pre-doctoral student, and Dr. Candice Van Skike won the Student Achievement Award for a post-doctoral student for getting first place during the poster blitz session.  
Feb. 2018 American Physiological Society Award
The American Physiological Society highlights outstanding scientific discoveries by selecting original research articles from the 10 APS research journals and awarding two of their most exciting papers from each journal with the distinguished APSselect award.